Being a member of the 5am club

Being a member of the 5am Club

Have you heard of the 5am Club? Well this time last year, I hadn’t, then it became a bit of a buzz word on Instagram so obviously I had to find out what it was all about! The Miracle Morning was what it was all about, a book describing the benefits of starting your day at 5am by doing some gentle exercise, affirmations, scribing, and generally a bit of “me time” before the rest of your house wakes up and the chaos begins. So, I downloaded the Miracle Morning Book by Hal Elrod from Audible, and I have to say that from day one of my alarm going off at 4.50am, I was hooked…

I did it to the letter at the start, exercise, affirmations, scribing, meditation, but then deviated it to bit to suit me more. I was doing this for months before I discovered in conversation that some of my friends were actually doing this too! So on discovering that, we started walking together in the morning, meeting at 5am, and walking for about an hour, therefore getting some exercise, some chat, and lots of fresh air. And, not forgetting watching the most beautiful sunrises.

So the walking at 5am is fabulous, but not always practical due to weather, or other commitments, so now, I still walk, but not everyday. I do, however, continue to get up at 4.50am each day, and some days I’ll jump onto my laptop and get some work in, or I’ll use that time to prepare my kid’s lunches, or I’ll use that time to stretch and listen to an audio book. Whatever I do, it’s still the best way to start your day.

Are you part of the 5am Club, or are you looking to start? Let me know in the comments, as I’d love to hear all about your experience!

Laurie xx

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