How to update your balcony for summer

How to update your balcony for summer

We have a small balcony that sits out over our garage and can be accessed from our master bedroom. This balcony space is only used by us, as we don’t want to have friends go through our bedroom to sit out on it. Ideally the plan would be to change our bedroom into our lounge and have the balcony come off a public space in our home, but that task is for later down the line. Meantime, I am pulling together ideas on how to spruce up this small outdoor space to make it lovely for summer 2020.

  1. Small cosy space with pallet seating & fairy lights

I love this space. It’s small but every inch of the space has been made useable, even the little dog is living it’s best life here. This is a great way to upgrade your balcony at a low cost by using pallets to make seating. Very inspired. The fairy lights are also a great touch, making is a pleasant space to sit out in the evening too.

Image credit: instagram/_beck_valentine

2. Balcony update with runnen decks

The deck blocks on this balcony look fabulous – I know you can get similar from Ikea so I will be having a look there when it comes to doing the flooring on our balcony. They are simple to use as they clip together and make for a really stylish look. I especially love the wall art in this pic, and the hanging planter looks fabulous!

Image credit: Pinterest

3. Boho balcony with neutral tones

The rattan chair and all the neutral tones, make this balcony very pleasing to the eye. I especially love the chunky knit throw, and the choice of seating. It’s a small space with a lot going on, but it still doesn’t feel like too much. I can imagine sitting there on a nice day, reading a book with a cuppa in my hand.

Image credit: Pinterest

4. Balcony with wooden panelling

I love the wooden panelled wall on this balcony with the planters. The wooden wall makes for a great divider but still allowing some light to pass through. It also allows for plants to be displayed at a variety of different levels. I love the hanging plants at the front, which again give a bit of privacy without feeling blocked off from the outside.

Image credit: Pinterest

5. A bar cart on the balcony – genius!

The bar cart on this balcony makes it feel like the perfect social space for visitors to your home. And, who wouldn’t want a bar cart on your balcony when entertaining there – saves walking to and from the kitchen for top ups! I also love the living wall boxes, and the relaxed seating along with a table for outside dining.

Image credit: Pinterest

I am planing to take elements from all of the balconies above when it comes to refreshing mine. I want low seating, hanging plants, runnen decking, a bar cart, and I also want a small BBQ, fire pit, or pizza oven. All I need now is a bit of time, and for the sun to shine in the upcoming summer months.

Laurie xx

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