Balancing Modernity With Tradition: The New Nordic

Balancing Modernity With Tradition: The New Nordic

Scandinavian style is often described as a search for purity, using clean lines and organic materials to create a sense of stillness and calm. And while bleached woods and muted palettes have long been a part its DNA, contemporary Scandi design is changing.

It’s being driven by the emergence of a younger generation of designers, each of whom is determined to infuse the movement with a sense of serendipity and fun. Somewhat experimental and slightly less strict, it represents a bold new offering for lovers of Nordic design.

Mixing it up

Epic Coffee Table, Moon Dining Table and Bat Fully Upholstered Dining Chair by Gubi
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Whereas traditional Scandi brands have tended to dedicate themselves to the use of leather and wood, newcomers like Muuto and Menu have championed a more inclusive approach, inviting marbles, velvets and metals into the mix.

JH8 Palette Side Table by &Tradition
Available via

In allowing themselves a little extra embellishment, they are able to create confident spaces, in which contemporary textures and traditional craftsmanship sit side by side. Wooden dining chairs are joined by travertine tables and velvet loungers, working together to challenge one-dimensional ideas of Scandi style. Sculptural lines and attention to detail still reign supreme, only this time with a little more personality and shine.

A new dress code

Series 430 Chair – Stainless Steel / Boucle Knit (NEW) by Verpan
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It’s a trend that can also be observed in this year’s reissue of classic styles. Both Verpan’s 430 Series and Fritz Hansen’s Ro have come out of their shells with vibrant new finishes and upholsteries. The novelties speak to a wider desire to create Scandi styles capable of standing out from the crowd, updating traditional templates with rich new colours and textures.

Ro Easy Lounge Chair, Kaiser Floor Lamp, Planner Side Table and Large Pouf by Fritz Hansen
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Indeed, after spending so much time chasing light, airy interiors, several young Scandi stylists are going the other way entirely, experimenting with moody hues that exude atmosphere and charm. Each of the examples we have seen has felt curiously intimate, proof that dark hues don’t have to dictate a lack of warmth. Just be sure to include plenty of indoor greenery and metal finishes to help keep it feeling fresh.

Elefy JH35 Swivel Chair, Flowerpot Table Lamp and VP Flowerpot Pendant Light by &Tradition
Available at

Fit for purpose

On The Move Side Table by Cane-Line

At its core, Scandi style is about creating essential, beautiful designs that help you live better with less. The new school of Scandi stylists are keenly aware of this and have brought forth a selection of multi-purpose styles that will promise to transform the way we experience our homes. One of our favourites includes the On The Move Side Table by up-and-coming Danish design house, Cane-Line. Lightweight and portable, its top slides off to become an elegant serving tray, ideal for alfresco dining or meals in front of the TV.

Setago Portable Table Lamp by &Tradition
Available at

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