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Wanting to be a social media influencer

Wanting to be a social media influencer

Well, I’m not sure if that heading is my actual goal, but I do know that I am keen to stay very involved in the interior side of things on Instagram. I started my Instagram account a couple of years ago, with the sole aim to share any updates that I make to my house. We bought our house as a project, so I started looking there initially for some inspirations. At the start I loved looking at other interior accounts, knew that I wanted to be part of it, and thought if I had my own account that it would encourage me to do more to my house by making me accountable.

I just wanted to write a quick blog post to share the accounts that always keep me inspired:-

Lisa Dawson

This English Life

Our Hatton Home

Eclectic Squares

The Frugality

Visit Number 7

Our 1930s Fixer Upper

All About The Home

Grillo Designs

Hello I’m Aubs

That is just a small sample of interior accounts that I follow, and I take inspiration from all of them. I have a very eclectic taste and can see joy in each and every home and diy project that I see on Instagram, and this particular niche on the site is a very friendly and supportive space to be in.

Although I don’t post on my grid very often, being part of this community certainly makes me more proactive in making changes in my home so I have that to thank it for. I have also made many Insta-friends online which is bizarre to think that you have friends out there that you haven’t physically met, but we have lots in common, and can form a lovely digital friendship.

I would urge anyone who is interested in interiors to join the community on Instagram – it’s full of wonderful people living in, building, or improving, wonderful homes. It really is a treat for the eyes.

Follow me over on Instagram @ProjectLaurie, and drop me a DM – I’d love to hear from you!

Laurie xx

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