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Attracting wildlife into my garden with a SingingFriend bird feeder

Our garden is not huge. We live in a townhouse so traditionally townhouses only have a patio style garden, but we do however have a vast array of wildlife in our extended garden which is shared with the other townhouses on our street. We have 3.5 acres of grounds between us, and the wildlife that we have seen over the years has been amazing. We have had deer, badgers, foxes, lots of squirrels including two albino ones, and many different types of birds.

We are about to do work in our garden, and our garage is full to the brim with decking just now all ready to be put down. I can’t wait for this to happen as I can imagine that it will make our garden a more useable space and will make it look more modern, and more spacious.

This week I bought a solar powered water fountain bird bath, and with perfect timing, The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust reached out to me to offer to send one of their stylish SingingFriend bird feeders.

LISA Bird Feeder by Singing Friend. Image courtesy of SingingFriend

This bird feeder fits in well with my garden vision so I could not be more delighted. It’s the LISA style, and there are a few different types to choose from. It is ceramic, is produced by Dutch based company SingingFriend, and can be used for different varieties of bird foods, from sunflower seeds, coarser seeds and bird fat balls to bread and fruits.

This bird feeder range is pretty new to the UK – SingingFriend is a family company passed from father to son and later to a third generation who took over and still have the love for the birds. Today SingingFriend inspires with special products (just like the LISA bird feeder) that can bring new life to gardens, balconies and terraces. These guys are lucky enough to have a small design-team who conceive stylish clever design products time and again.

You can purchase your own fabulous feeder from The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s website HERE.

I can’t wait to see what type of birds this feeder attracts into my garden, and it’s a great way to get my kids interested in the wildlife on our doorstep too.

*This item was gifted. This does not effect any of my opinions in this post. I only write about things that I love, and my opinions are always honest and true to myself.

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