Quick & easy bedroom makeover ideas

Quick & easy bedroom makeover ideas

You will find bedroom makeover ideas everywhere online. You can search Pinterest, Instagram, home interior websites to name just a few sources to get some inspiration that fits in with your own personal style. I can get lost on Pinterest when I start looking so I like to pop on with a specific search in mind, and pop off before I end up spending hours looking at something that isn’t even relevant!

So, I have researched just a handful of ways to make small changes in your bedroom for maximum impact.

Image source: Pinterest

The first thing that I would suggest is to paint. Now, you don’t have to paint a whole room, just changing up one wall can be enough. Or you can use masking tape to section off a wall, or even just paint blocks of colour. I would always recommend a calming colour for a bedroom, nothing too dramatic as it needs to feel like a peaceful space.

Image credit: @ourlayeredhome on Instagram

Or, if you are feeling brave enough, you could freehand paint a pattern on your wall, or a piece of furniture – I am seeing this more and more on Instagram and it will make your room totally unique.

Image source: Desenio on Pinterest

Another inexpensive way to do a bit of a makeover is to introduce some new art to your walls. There are so many great print companies out there just now who supply fabulous pieces for your walls at reasonable prices. Look at Desenio, Punk Haus, The Gallery Wall, and Ross Muir Art for some inspiration. You could also simply add a mirror or a wall hanging to switch things up too.

Image source: Pinterest

I am actually obsessed with pampas grass just now, so a good way to do a spruce up is to add some pampas. For me, the bigger the stems the better – make them a feature and the best thing is that you don’t need to water them, so no killing of plants is possible.

Image source: Pinterest

I also like to mix things up with rugs, I love multiple rugs, layered, in one space – I currently have two in my bedroom but can “borrow’ rugs from another room in the house to make the space feel different. I also have a couple of back up rugs in my garage that I bring out every so often to make things feel fresh.

Image credit: Matalan

Lastly I am going to suggest new bed linen. I am especially in love with this set from Matalan, and best of all it looks like you don’t even need to iron it! Crisp new sheets feel amazing to sink into at the end of a long day.

All of the above ideas can be done quickly, and cost effectively. Why not try and make a small change in your bedroom soon.

Laurie xx

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