The rise of up-cycling with vinyl

The rise of up-cycling with vinyl

I bought a vintage tea trolley/drinks trolley from the charity shop quite a while back, and once I scrubbed it clean and brought it back to life, I decided that I didn’t like the colour of the shelves on it. I knew that I had seen some marble vinyl (fablon) in B&Q so popped there to buy some to do a cover up job. Little did I know then, just how popular vinyl was about to be, and this surge in vinyl led the way for vinyl for floors, and removable wall paper.

So here’s my up-vinyled drinks trolley before and after. The change is subtle, but if I had known then that the choice was about to be vast, I would have waited and used something a bit funkier.

Here’s my favourite vinyl suppliers:-

Jes Rose

Image Credit: Jes Rose

I have been following Jes’ Instagram account documenting her very cool loft apartment in the northern quarter of Manchester. She rents, and was looking for renter friendly ways to put her own stamp on her apartment. Like me she was using the small selection of vinyl that she could find, which wasn’t “her” enough (think animal print and bold tropical patterns). So, this fabulous lady decided to quit her job, design many amazing vinyl patterns and sell them online. Her business has grown super fast, and now she is also doing vinyl for floors. You can follow her home Instagram account here (@LoftNQ), and her Jes Rose business account here (@jesrose).

> (opens in a new tab)”>Jes Rose Website >>

Vinyl Depot

Image Credit: Vinyl Depot

Vinyl Depot has one of the largest selection of self-adhesive vinyls: single colours, a wide range of decorative patterns, life-like wood structures, representative marble, genuine leather, rustic stone and tile decor fablon. Hard wearing sticky-back plastic for doors, window film and more. They really have a fabulous selection suitable for any up-cycling project.

Image Credit: B&Q

Now this is where I originally bought my vinyl for my up-cycle, but the choice then was not as good as it is now.

The selection is not as unique as some of the other suppliers but there is still a good variety to choose from.

Image Credit: Wayfair

Wayfair has a good selection of peel and stick wallpaper. Also ideal for a renter, or for someone like me who likes to change things quickly and often.

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